Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poor Choices

Despite initial excitement, I don't like Civilization V nearly as much as Civ 4.  I'm not wildly interested in breaking down everything I think went wrong with it, in part because I didn't have anything to do with the design so it seems mean-spirited, and partially because if I wait until my complaints are related to larger issues, I can milk it for more introductions.  It did get me thinking, though, about a big issue in game design that I'd like to talk more about: the desirability and creation of choices.

General Laxity

Man, I haven't posted here in ages - been pretty busy.  I apparently missed a few comments.  I kinda expected this software to email me if someone commented on a post, but it didn't happen.  Alas.  Now I know and should keep on top of them more in the future.

Gonna do an entry now, and hopefully do them a bit more regularly - I've got so much work to do lately I can't promise much regularity, but it's been months and I think I can do better than that!